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Vacform composites is a UK manufacturing success story.  Established in 1993, it has grown into a leading provider of services and products to the International composite industry.

In 2009 we commissioned and moved into our new custom-built factory in Silsden, West Yorkshire helping us to better service customers. Our system is environmentally friendly, creates less waste, and can be used up to 200 centigrade in an oven or autoclave.


  • Reusable Vacuum Bags

  • Pressure / Bladder Bags

  • Vacuum Bench Press / Fold Away Press

  • Heater Mats & Alloy Base Plates


Envelope Bags

The process of envelope bagging is particularly useful for difficult 3D shapes, problem, or porous tools and to accommodate a variety of different shapes with the use of its easy seal system.

Our envelope vacuum bags can be made in the roll-up system depicted or with the use of two alloy frames hinged together like a clam shell.


Pressure / Bladder Bags

Pressure bladder bags can be used up to 200 centigrade and are ideal for processing carbon fibre composite ducts .

Vacuum Bench Press

to be baggy.png
to be taught.png

Our fold away membrane press is ideal for larger component creation and can be folded against a wall when not in use.  It is ideal for smaller workspaces to optimize your area. This system, again, uses a reusable silicone rubber membrane with our sealing system to create a large, vacuum form system. The system sits on a hinged metal frame with the vacuum ports piped on the underside of the press.

 The trolley bench press is the same system as the fold away press but on wheels for easy maneuvering. These systems can be fitted with form-fitting or baggy membranes dependent on the scale of your components

Heater Mats and Alloy Base Plates 

Our thermostatically controlled heater mats and heated alloy composite base plates can reach 200 centigrade in minutes  

To find out more about our mats and alloy base plates  as well as our reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags, please contact us directly
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