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Thanks to the high pressure and performance values ​​provided by the developments in composite material technologies; It has led to increased trust in composite materials in the aviation and aerospace industry, and more sophisticated applications in aircraft.


In addition to commercial and military aircraft, composite materials have begun to be used in all or most of the production of other air platforms (helicopters, UAVs, etc.); It has completely replaced the traditional methods with its many advantages such as lightness, high strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance.




The move towards vehicles with low carbon emissions and low fuel consumption has led to the need to produce lighter, more durable vehicles. This quest, of course, directed the manufacturers to composite materials and has become an indispensable part of the automotive industry today.


Another advantage is; It enables more free and more sophisticated lines to be created in designs, thanks to the possibility of shaping easier and more free than conventional manufacturing materials.


Due to technological developments, traditional metal and its derivatives are increasingly directed towards the use of high-strength fibers and polymer composites in addition to relatively heavy materials such as ceramics in ballistic panel and protective armor designs .


The most important factors in replacing materials such as metal and ceramics in the ballistic field are light weight, their performance is higher compared to their weight and they do not limit the mobility of users .

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Renewable Energy

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The renewable energy sector, a growing sector, is increasingly turning to the use of fiber-reinforced polymers as a key element in construction and manufacturing.


Features such as minimum maintenance requirements, excellent fatigue strength, random loading and corrosion resistance have increased its popularity in the use of composite materials in this industry. They are the main features that lead to the use of composites in both wind turbines and submarine turbines.


Along with its increasing share in private and military maritime platforms , it is the indispensable main construction method of the maritime industry with its composite materials, excellent weight distributions, durability, environmental resistance, low maintenance and repair features, and its tendency to serial production, its advantages and freedoms in design & design. It has received.


Limatech; It offers a wide range of materials for all types of vehicles including luxury yachts, high performance sailing & motor boats, high speed military vehicles.

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Building & Construction

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The use of composite materials in the construction industry started with exterior cladding, thanks to its high air tolerance properties that make it ideal for outdoor use and its ability to respond to high architectural demands. In addition, it has become a sector where a wide range of composite materials are used, from door construction to furniture production.


The long life of composite materials is attractive to the construction industry due to lower life cycle costs and less maintenance costs.

Sports and Entertainment

The use of fiber-reinforced plastics has been an essential part of developing a rich sports and entertainment equipment. Its lightweight and durable construction allowed a wide variety of uses in the sports and entertainment industries.


The application of composite materials is constantly being researched to provide a longer lasting and safer alternative than traditional materials.

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