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In order for the manufacturers to reach the right products; We follow the innovations all over the world and aim to offer you.


Vacuum infusions and consumables, Reusable silicone vacuum bags, Mold materials, Mold release agents, Repair paste and Surface preparers, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Aramid fiber, Thermoplastic (Nylon, Polyester, etc.) and Natural fibers, Core materials. We offer a comprehensive range of products such as composite autoclave, oven, and press.

Our Services

VAC Innovation is a leading British company that producing vacuum bagging materials for the needs of the composite and glass laminating industries.

  • Vacuum bagging films

  • Release film

  • Sealant tape

  • Breathers

  • Vacuum connectors & hoses

  • Peelply 

  • Vacuum consumables materials

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We provide reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags, silicon rubber intensifiers and custom vacuum presses for the composite industry and specifically the aerospace, automotive and woodworking industries.

  • Reusable vacuum bags

  • Pressure / Bladder bags 

  • Vacuum bench press 

  • Heater Mats & Alloy Base Plates


Base Materials is a leading manufacturer of styling, modelling, pattern and tooling materials. 

Styling, Modeling, Pattern & Tooling Materials

  • Epoxy tooling board

  • Polyurethane tooling board

  • Adhesives & Repair paste

  • Sealers & Release agents


The Fothergill Group of Companies, founded in 1847, is a UK based weaver, knitter, PTFE and rubber coater and converter of high performance synthetic and natural textiles, and custom rubber compounder.

  • Carbon fiber

  • Aramid fiber

  • Glass fiber

  • S2 Glass fiber

  • Nylon & PTFE fabric


Italmatic is a leading producer of autoclaves mainly used in the field of composite, glass and rubber vulcanization.

  • Composite autoclave

  • Composite oven

  • Composite press


CoreLite was founded because of an idea: that innovative core materials will optimize the way everyone currently works with composites.

  • Balsa

  • PVC

  • PVC HT

  • PET


kuhlman electro heating_seffaf.png

Since 1965 Kuhlmann Electro-Heat has been producing electrical heating elements to both the national and international industrial sectors.

  • Heating blankets

  • Container heating

  • Drum heating

  • Electric heating elements  

  • Infrared heating

  • Insulated cargo covers

  • Temperature sensors


Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial production, construction, and consumer markets.

  • Aerospace adhesives

  • Industrial adhesives

  • Assembly adhesives

  • Fire protection

  • Sealants & PU foams




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